This Auction notice is given by Salem Security Storage, 1210 S Ellsworth Ave, Salem, Ohio 44460.  It will be held on line at www.storagetreasures with final closing at the above address.  Please review all information on the auction site as to the time and date of the final bid. This auction will commence on 10/10/2018 and last for Thirty days.

Click on any picture to enlarge for better detail.  All pictures are as seen from the door.  No cartons, boxes etc are opened.

The below unit is a 10X20, unit A-13, in the name of Stacy L. Tomor 2557 Lexington Ave. Salem, Ohio 44460 Current amount due as of 10/08/2018 is $664.00. Content listed is “as seen from the door”.  Much more is hidden by that content.                           Items include several tool boxes of unknown item, speakers, PC, Monitor, multiple plastic totes, cardboard boxes, furniture, small animal carrier, and much more hidden by above items.  Please see pictures below.                                                                             

The below unit is a 10X24 unit, number A-29 in the name of Mickey W. Hoffaker, P.O. Box 1024, Salem, Ohio 44460. The current balance due as of 10/08/2018 is $1246.32.  As stated above, pictures are as seen from the door.  Unit includes multiple plastic bags of soft items, foam mattress pad, whisk broom,  containers of mail, small cases possible tool cases or brief cases, clothes on hangers, personal papers etc. Additional items hidden by above.  See pictures below.