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Items in mini self storage are like your personal items in an apartment, they need to be insured by you.  While we DO NOT insure your belongings, we DO offer content insurance. Many already have a home owners or rental policy. Check with your agent. Your policy’s personal property coverage may cover items in storage. Remember that the coverage is subject to your deductible. Our program can make up that difference and offers an excellent solution to those who do not have current coverage.

A mini self storage unit is like a garage.  Whatever can get into a locked garage CAN and WILL get into a locked storage unit.  You can help prevent this.  Critters go where there is food and warmth.  Please keep any type of food out of your storage unit. Seal cloth items such as bedding, towels, clothes etc as well as items that critters can use as bedding, in a closed container such as plastic “tote type” with secured lid.

We have placed poison bait boxes around the property.  Please don’t move them.  We also have poison available for your storage unit.  It can be picked up at the office or we will place it for you.  This will not keep the critters out but will drive them to water and cause their demise.

We will do our best to provide a clean, dry, safe place your items.  Please help us and your storage neighbors by keeping food out and poison in.