U-Haul Trucks, Trailer Rentals, Moving supplies, Boxes, Tape, Rope Etc.

For reservations please call 330-332-0740.

We are a full line authorized U-Haul Truck, Trailer and moving supply Dealer.


Rent our U-Haul cargo van for $19.95 a day plus mileage, insurance, if you want it and tax.  Great for moving that student to college or taking that new bed or couch home.



Our  U-Haul 15′ truck is great for those medium moving jobs.  You can move a small apartment or home in one load. Also great for towing that boat or automobile.  Attach our car hauler ($54.95/day) and take your vehicle with you. $29.95 + mileage tax and insurance if you want it. One way pricing is specific to where you are traveling.  Call us for a quote.



Our U-Haul 26′ truck is great for those major moving jobs, local or across the nation.  This is the right truck for  the heavy moving or towing. $39.95/day + tax and insurance if you want it.  One way? Call us for a quote.



The U-Haul tow dolly is just right for retrieving the antique vehicle of  your dreams or recovering a vehicle that broke down and needs pulled home.  Attach to your truck or ours and you are on your way. $44.95/day + tax and insurance if you want it.



This U-Haul car hauler will get that vehicle home for you.  If your vehicle isn’t large or strong enough to pull with then our truck is just the ticket.  $54.95/ Day + tax and insurance if you want it.



This is a U- Haul 5’x8′ trailer.  U-Haul offers many sizes of enclosed trailers from 4’x8′ to 6’x12′.    A motorcycle trailer is also available along with open trailers.


The 17′ truck is great for those medium to large applications.  Moving from house to a new home etc.  Another great use is to use it as a short term storage unit while you are doing renovations.  All your belongings stay at your fingertips and can be placed back in your home as soon as it is ready. Note, this size is now hard to find as U-Haul is fazing them out.  



A small U-Haul  4’x8′ trailer.  Just right for moving a bed or couch.  Great for the college move also.